Nodepilot operates on the principle of shared responsibility, where both the Nodepilot platform and its users play integral roles in ensuring the smooth functioning and security of the blockchain nodes. This documentation outlines the key aspects of Nodepilot’s shared responsibility model, highlighting the responsibilities of both Nodepilot and its users to maintain a robust and reliable infrastructure for blockchain node management.

Nodepilot’s Responsibilities

  1. Automated Node Provisioning

    Nodepilot takes the lead in automating the process of node provisioning. It ensures seamless node setup on cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, and data centers, reducing manual intervention and streamlining the deployment process. The nodes are provisioned in a way that it

  2. Node Updates and Maintenance

    Nodepilot streamlines the process of node updates and maintenance. It offers a simple way to keep nodes up to date with the latest software versions and ensures smooth operations through automated maintenance tasks.

User’s Responsibilities

  1. Credentials Management

    Users are responsible for managing their credentials (cloud credentials or any other) securely. These credentials enable Nodepilot to deploy and manage nodes on users’ chosen cloud platforms. Proper handling and protection of credentials are crucial to maintain the security of the node infrastructure.

  2. Configuration and Customization

    Users are responsible for configuring and customizing their nodes and the platform where node runs as per their requirements. Nodepilot provides a simple way to configure nodes through the web interface.

  3. Node Monitoring and Issue Reporting

    Users should actively monitor the health and performance of their nodes, they are free to use Scale3 Autopilot or any other monitoring solution of their choice. Promptly reporting any issues or anomalies helps Nodepilot support team address concerns and maintain node stability.


Nodepilot’s shared responsibility model fosters a collaborative environment where Nodepilot and its users work hand in hand to create a reliable, efficient, and secure infrastructure for blockchain node management.