Nodepilot makes it easy to setup and maintain a standalone blockchain node on Azure. This guide will help you with the steps that you need to perform for Nodepilot.


  • An Azure account
  • Azure Virtual Network setup with subnets in desired location

Create Service Principal

For Nodepilot to be able to crete and manage resources on your Azure account, you need to .

You can create an access key by following the instructions.

  • Azure Console

  • Azure Cli

  1. Login to your Azure Account: Log in to your Azure account using the Azure portal:

  2. Create a Service Principal:

    • In the left-hand menu, select “Azure Active Directory”.
    • Go to “App registrations” and click on ”+ New registration”.
    • Fill in the necessary details for your application, such as the name.
    • Under “Supported account types”, choose the appropriate option based on your use case.
  3. Create a Client Secret:

    • After creating the app registration, go to the “Certificates & secrets” section.
    • Under the “Client secrets” section, click on ”+ New client secret”.
    • Add a description, choose an expiration (or leave it never-expiring), and click “Add”.
  4. Assign Role (Permissions) to Service Principal:

    • Once the client secret is created, go to the Azure resource (like a resource group or specific resource) you want your application to have access to.
    • In the resource’s “Access control (IAM)” section, click on ”+ Add role assignment”.
    • Choose a role that corresponds to the permissions you need. The “Contributor” role is commonly used for managing resources.
  5. Select a Principal:

    • In the “Add role assignment” window, under “Assign access to”, choose “User, group, or service principal”.
    • In the “Select” box, search for and select the app registration (service principal) you created.
  6. Access Secrets in Your Application:

    • In your application or script, you will use the Service Principal’s Application ID (Client ID) and the Client Secret to authenticate.
    • Use these credentials to authenticate with Azure services like Azure Resource Manager, Azure Key Vault, etc.

Inputs to Scale3 Nodepilot

Nodepilot requires some inputs to run the setup. The following are the inputs that you need to provide:

HostnameName of the serversui-mainnet-fullnodeThis will be used as the hostname of the server and visible on Azure
LocationAzure locationWest EuropeLocation where you want to create the server
VPC NameAzure Virtual Network Namescale3-vpcVPC Name where you want to create the server
Blockchain networkBlockchain network to deploy the node forsui-mainnetSupported mainnet, testnet, devnet
Service PrincipalService Principal Secrets-Keys that you created in the previous step

Resources Provisioned

  • Azure Linux VM with 50 GB of OS disk.
  • Standard SSD Disk for storing blockchain data
  • Two Firewalls
    • Allow SSH from Nodepilot IP
    • Allow traffic to required ports from anywhere