Nodepilot is a powerful infrastructure product designed to simplify the setup and maintenance of RPC nodes on any cloud or on premise environement. It empowers users with full control over their nodes, making it easy to develop, test, and deploy blockchain applications. Whether you are a blockchain enthusiast, developer, startup, or enterprise, Nodepilot is designed to meet your unique needs.

Who should use Nodepilot?

Nodepilot is designed for anyone who wants to run a RPC node with full control over their node. It is ideal for developers, startups, and enterprises who want to build blockchain applications and need a reliable node infrastructure that is fully in their control with all the benefits of a managed service.

Use Cases

  • Build Blockchain Indexers: Create blockchain indexers for efficient data retrieval and analysis with dedicated RPC nodes co-located with your indexer under the same VPC and region.

  • Develop Blockchain Explorers: Build user-friendly blockchain explorers to visualize transaction data.

  • Blockchain Analysis: Use Nodepilot to facilitate blockchain intelligence tools for valuable insights.

  • Decentralized Application (dApp) Development: Ensure smooth integration of dApps with reliable node management.

  • Blockchain Protocol Development: Easily set up and manage blockchain nodes for development and testing.

Key Features

  • Automated Node Provisioning on any server
  • One click node updates
  • Seamless integration for other Scale3 products


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