Whether you have a validator node or a full node, Scale3 provides you with a set of tools to help you manage your node and keep it healthy.

  • If you already have a node, and would like to start monitoring it, you can jump straight to the linking a node then Setup Alerts section.
  • If you wish to setup a new node, you can follow the Deploying a node section to first get a node up and running.

    Note: Scale3 does not provide node hosting infrastructure. We have built an open source tool to help you set up a validator or a full node.

Setup Alerts for your validator node

Setup alerts for your node health, validator metrics, node software releases and network events and be notified via email, slack or pagerduty.

Scale3 Alerting

Setup a livetail logging dashboard for your validator node

Setup a validator node livetail logging dashboard by linking your validator node to our platform. The livetail logging dashboard gives you fast search and filter capabilities to help you debug issues with your node.

Setup and run a validator or full node

Note: We currently support this only for the Sui blockchain. We will be adding support for other blockchains soon.

Setup a Sui validator/full node using our open source tool - Sui Node Wizard.

Sui Node Wizard

API Integrations

Would you like to integrate Scale3 with your existing tools? We provide a set of APIs to help you integrate our platform with your existing tools.