Alert Channels
  1. Create a New Service in PagerDuty at https://<TEAM-NAME>


  1. Enter a name and description for your service

Name and description

  1. Assign an Escalation Policy - this will instruct PagerDuty who to route alerts to

    1. You can choose to either generate a new escalation policy (you will be the default on call) or select an existing escalation policy that you have used previously.

Escalation Policy

  1. Select Events API V2 for your integration

Events API V2

  1. Select Create Service

Create Service

  1. You have now successfully created your service!
  2. After creating your new service, you will be redirected to the integration page for that service. Copy the Integration Key.
  3. Sign in to your Scale3 Labs account at
  4. Select Alerting


  1. Paste your Integration Key into the box titled ‘Integration Key’ under the PagerDuty section and click Connect

Integration Key

  1. Done!