Node Checker
APTOS Node Checker


Node Health

  1. Insert the node IP on the APTOS node that you want to check.
  2. For most cases, the port is 8080.
  3. Select the Network on which your node is running (Devnet, Testnet or Mainnet) from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Check button to verify your node and wait for a few seconds.
  5. If your node has required RPC port open to public, you would see the Node RPC as connected.
  6. You can also check your node’s block height against the public community node’s height.
  7. Sync Status shows how much your node is synced compared to public node.
  8. Average Sync Speed shows the transactions synced by your node per second. This metric can be ignored as it’s not useful for already synced nodes. Its useful if you have just booted up a new node and want to do a quick check on sync speed. Use Scale3 Autopilot for accurate measurements and analysis on your node metrics.

Node Checker Results


  • Make sure you have an APTOS node running on the server or container.
  • RPC port(generally its 8080) should be open for the checker to query your APTOS node.