1. Navigate to Node Inventory by selecting the Inventory tab on the side panel of the Scale3 Labs platform.

Node Inventory side panel

  1. If you do not have the Scale3CLI installed on any of your nodes, please follow the step 2.a-2g. Otherwise, skip to step 3.

2.a. If you do not already have the Scale3CLI installed on your node you should see the following: Node Inventory no nodes

2.b Click Get Started to install the Scale3CLI on your node.

2.c. Open a terminal shell on your node and download the Scale3 CLI by running the following

curl -L -G --fail "" | tar -xz

2.d. Make the install script executable by copying and pasting the following command in your terminal:

chmod a+x

2.e. If you don’t already have a Scale3 API Key, click + Create API Key to generate a new key. Be sure to save your key!

2.f. Run the following command in your terminal then skip to step 4:

./ -ik <API-key-from-previous-step>

3.a. If you already have the Scale3 CLI installed on your node, simply run the following command on your node:

scale3cli inventory add

  1. Congrats, you have inventoried your first node!