Setup monitoring dashboard for your node using Agent - Push

Onboarding using the push method offers the most complete view of the health of your node. Follow the steps below to setup monitoring for your node.

Running on Kubernetes?

Running your node on Kubernetes? Follow instead these steps instead.

How to setup monitoring using Push (Agent) method

  • At the chain selection prompt, select one
  • For installation options, choose the Agent-based method as this offers you the most coverage for metrics. You can monitor disk space, CPU, and other metrics not usually covered by the sui node binary. The Lightweight approach also works if you prefer an agentless approach with limited metrics. That is covered here.
  • The next screen has the 3-step process for installing the Grafana agent then start shipping metrics to your dashboard.
  • Login to your node via ssh then run the curl command as shown in the screenshot. In this example, I will be downloading Scale3 CLI by running
curl -L -G --fail "" --data-urlencode "" --data-urlencode "id=s3lkrtdpyqciwbzuketahjseht" | tar -xz
  • Change permissions by running the chmod command in your terminal
chmod a+x
  • Next, create the Grafana agent config file. Copy the command and paste it into your terminal. Example below
  • Create an API key, copy and save the key in a notepad as you will need it to start the Grafana agent installation
  • Replace <API-key-from-previous-step> with the API key from the previous step then run the final command
./ -kig 419c00e3-22b3-450f-a192-37823786398
  • Review the Grafana agent configuration file before we start shipping metrics, be sure to type 1 then enter to continue with the installation.
  • Within a few seconds, you should see a success message.
  • That’s it! Back on your browser, you can now click Go to Dashboard and wait for your dashboard to light up within 5 minutes. Be sure to select your node on the left panel to see your dashboard.